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Shay 6 years ago
Y'all need to get a fucking clue the reason why I fucked him was because he asked so..................
Yes 5 years ago
I'd love to fuck my man like that. Made me so wet.
chi town finest 8 years ago
i know thats right...its called being spontaneous keep doing yall thang girl take it from a real woman#fuck hataz #grownNsexy
Josh 10 years ago
LOL There's nothing gay about that position . I've seen nacho do shit plenty of times . Damn some you people are really lame as hell. Funny how this is gay , but the guy getting Milk and getting his ass fingered is not .
Bud 10 years ago
Watched this clip, tried this position with my girl, she went crazy! This position allows deeper penetration. Nothing gay about it. Fucking is fucking!!!!!
Hmmmm 5 years ago
Idk kinda suspect the way he let you fuck him and then fucked you in your ass
Damn! 8 years ago
Well they definitely put a twist on things,Mathis was sexy as hell. To all those the says he's gay get a fucking clue all she did was ride his dick with imagination. This was off the hook.
Brown goddesss 5 years ago
I think this was sexy tooo my man fuck me sooo goood that i ride that dick like a pro too. Now thats what you call good dick when your woman throw it back like that props shay keep getn in there roc
Geman 2 years ago
I like it
3 years ago
I loved it!!!!!!