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Tom 7 years ago
Does anybody knows how to properly boil rice, so it wouldn't be all sticky and slimy?
BluHaven 5 years ago
Hey, dad from the comments section, the only thing wrong with this world is fucktards like you making assumptions and shit. I'm sure they watched the video, appreciated it, but Tom wanted to start up a random conversation about Rice. So? Watch your porn and disregard the comments. Personally, I like a little randomness and humor added to these otherwise lame ass comments.
Wow! 6 years ago
I like rough sex, but why call her a slut because she's enjoying the sex?
Ciara 5 years ago
I love how her eyes cross as he's pounding her.
Bi_17_m 6 years ago
Omg i wish someone would use me like that... Hardcore painful anal with no mercy while iam bound
Dear Tom B 7 years ago
I hope you'll soon get better after brakeup. I also like my rice crispy. I recommend to you a BROWN rice - you can't possibly over boil it. Even after 30-40 minutes it's not soft or mashy (mushy?). And it's more healthier than white rice. Try it sometime. Best regards, Dickbutt.
Tom 7 years ago
Sorry bruh, I'm just in a lot of stress lately. My girlfriend left me and now I have to cook for my self, plus the rent just got higher. That's not an excuse though, I should be more civil. Sorry for calling you a motherfucker.
DaM SUN 6 years ago
Tom is making this porno comment section real!
Girl 2 years ago
I am a virgin and I want to be taken while I am tied up and fucked hard. I want someone to dominate me, take my pussy and then my ass cherry.
Apetitte for destruction 7 years ago
I liked the dialogues.