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Lesbian 5 years ago
I'm a lesbian that only dates women and this is so fucking hot. I came in like 30 seconds.
Employee of the month 5 years ago
I fucked my boss with a strap on years ago. He's getting hitched soon and his fiancé (gf at the time) has no idea what her man is really into.
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Honestly, I love fucking men in the ass with my strap on. My cunt drips as I fuck them and watch their dick bounce as I thrust my hip into their ass. Fuck, my husband is such a lucky bastard!!! I should do this to more men!
Lucky 5 years ago
My girlfriend loves to do this. I didn't realise how lucky I am until I read some of these comments.
Anonymous 3 years ago
Skin Diamond has a stroke game better than mine.
Not gay 6 years ago
I'm with open-minded on this one
daddy. 6 years ago
your G spot (for y'all with penises) is in your asshole anyways. this was hot.
Open minded 6 years ago
Able to enjoy sex at its best. Sex is not limited to 1 aspect of the body. Luck man she is a hotty.
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I wish i were one of those guys