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Glen Roberts 3 years ago
The ch. chic in this video is so fucking cool...we need more women like her.
Hard and Horny 5 years ago
Had a friend in high school. We weren't a couple and we each had someone else. But when she'd stop by my house we'd watch TV and I felt comfortable in stoking my cock while she was there and she was comfortable just watching me and watching the jizz flow.
a fake name 3 years ago
feels real to me, dialogue seemed legit. super fucking hot, I am always wishing to find someone jerking in public like this.
Girl89 3 years ago
Shit, she is fine I would ask her to join
Stathis 3 years ago
I think we need more women's like her
JENNIFER 3 years ago
Very sexy cock and very sexy woman
ExpandDongToFeatureLength 5 years ago
Must know a name of this chick
xedex 3 years ago
doesn't have to be fake, I'd react the same way she is
Bing! 5 years ago
Fake of not...SWEET! Got me stroking my dick!
Vinny 3 years ago
I love the idea of a beautiful sexy woman watching I wouldn't want her to record me but, I wouldn't mind if she watched.